Mobile Number Locator (India)

You often get a missed call and wonder who's calling !!
Well, we can't tell you "who" but can help by telling "where" the call is from. Just enter the first 4 digits of the ten digit mobile number and submit, you will get the
Telecom Circle (State / Metro) and the Operator of the calling number. Rest you can guess, Who??


Do not add 0 or +91 before your number.

No directory of mobile numbers is published in India because of the privacy concern so you can't get the name and address of the caller. 
2.*The Operator shown here is the original / first operator for this number. With
mobile number portability in place, the number could have moved to some other operator. 


What is Mobile number portability ?

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile phone users to retain their mobile phone number when changing from one mobile network operator to another. In India this service is available for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers and on both GSM and CDMA technology platforms.

Full mobile portability has been implemented pan-india from 3rd July 2015 by which consumers will be able to retain their mobile number even when they relocate to any other part of the country or change thier mobile service provider. Just contact the new service provider's retail outlet, customer care or website to get it done.

The procedure is that you send an SMS to 1900 like PORT XXXXXXXXXX. You will get an SMS reply containing an eight digit alpha-numeric code and an expiry date for it. Then you approach the new service provider with this unique porting code. Carry ID and address proof, a photograph and an application with the unique code & your mobile number. You have to complete this process within the expiry date. New operator will take request to mobile portability clearing house. Clearing house will get your number deactivated from existing provider and activate new one. You'll then get SMS from new service provider mentioning date & time when porting will take place. Your phone will go out of service for few hours while switching. The cost of porting is Rs.19. A subscriber must remain with a service provider for at least three months.


Cellular News
VODAFONE With the onset of a four month long festive season, Vodafone India has introduced Vodafone ‘All in One’ Roaming pack to delight its pre-paid customers exclusively in Delhi & NCR circle. The pack incorporates local talk time, STD, incoming and outgoing roaming minutes in a single Recharge.

Mobile Number Portability - With the implementation of full pan-India mobile number portability from 3rd July 2015 you can retain your mobile number while changing over to any telecom circle or service provider in the country. You just need to contact customer care of new service provider company.