Mobile Number Locator (India)

You often get a missed call and wonder who's calling !!
Well, we can't tell you "who" but can help by telling "where" the call is from. Just enter the first 4 digits of the ten digit mobile number and submit, you will get the
Telecom Circle (State / Metro) and the Operator of the calling number. Rest you can guess, Who??


Do not add 0 or +91 before your number.

No directory of mobile numbers is published in India because of the privacy concern so you can't get the name and address of the caller. 
2.*The Operator shown here is the original / first operator for this number. With
mobile number portability in place, the number could have moved to some other operator. 


According to industry sources there are 16 new NOKIA mobile phones expected to be launched in 2015 in low and mid price segement. The first ones to come in the market are NOKIA Lumia 630 and NOKIA Lumia 635 by the end of March. Microsoft may not release a high specs Lumia Windows smartphone until late in 2015. The company would be concentrating on low-end smartphones for now.


HDFC Securities Limited teamed up with IBM to launch a new mobile app that allows clients to securely trade stocks, track and manage portfolios and market movements, as well as analyze industry research and trends. As smartphone use in India continues to rise, organizations are increasing their focus on creating comprehensive mobile strategies to better engage with their customers by building and designing more sophisticated apps that address evolving user expectations.