Call - Divert

This feature allows you to divert an incoming call to a landline or to any cellular. This way you don't miss out on any important incoming calls. Calls can be diverted when you are busy, unavailable or travelling. The call can be diverted to any landline or cellular within the service provider's network area. Calls cannot be diverted to a cellular of another service provider.  

From your Handset menu - 

  • go to call Divert/Forward. 
  • choose the option you want from the following. 
  • enter the number you want to forward the call to. 
Options: You can choose from 4 types of Call Divert services:  

1. Call Divert on "not reachable" :  Diverts calls automatically to your chosen number when you cannot be reached - such as when your phone is out of network coverage, has a no battery charge or is turned off.  

2. Call Divert on "busy" : Diverts calls automatically to your chosen number when your phone is engaged.  

3. Call Divert on "all calls" : Diverts all calls to your chosen number. If this option is set, you will not receive any calls on your         mobile phone till you have cancel Call Divert "all calls" facility.  

4. Call Divert "if no reply' : Diverts calls to your chosen number when you do not answer the phone for a specified number of           rings, (you can define the number of rings).